Featured workYaw Tony: Life Liveth in Me

With his textile piece This is Lover’s Talk, Ghanaian-Canadian designer and artist Tony Yaw seeks to make communication visible.

The piece integrates the series Life Liveth in Me, which was started at a time when Tony felt torn between two different worlds – the African and western ones. The graphic elements in the pieces are inspired by contrasts and fusions between both cultures, and Tony explains how they are an attempt to transform “the beauty, magnificence and inner stories that lie deep within us” into textile pieces. With This is Lover’s Talk, the artist created a labyrinth of references to physical and spiritual love, from flirtatious eyelashes to sexual organs. The piece represents a manifestation of human love; however, it deliberately opposes simple interpretations, aiming to show the manifold definitions of this feeling. For Tony, all attempts to explain love fail; we are unable to express this feeling with words, in what is perhaps love’s single objective trait.


  • Textile print, 122 × 82 cm © Yaw Tony

    Yaw Tony. Life Liveth in Me, 2013. This is Lover’s Talk