Featured workSelly Raby Kane: Alien Cartoon, autumn/winter 2013/2014 collection

In a sophisticated mix of pop art, urban glamour and street culture, fashion designer Selly Raby Kane’s Alien Cartoon collection is one of the most extraordinary statements that the African fashion world has to offer at present.

Deliberately rooted in Dakar’s African identity and inspired by global influences such as cartoons and science-fiction films, Kane develops powerful characters that capture the lifestyle of a vibrant African metropolis in a free, smart and rebellious way. The collection consists of 22 very differently clear-cut silhouettes for men and women, where a love of detail and a passion for accessories transpire. It is the atypical combination of materials – diverse textiles, textures, applications and artificial hair – that makes the Alien Cartoon collection so refreshing and stimulating, seemingly out of this world. The fashion designer herself sees her collection as an afro-surrealist approach to the future. “Alien Cartoon is the story of an African city, in which both people and fantastic sci-fi beings live, which is invaded by aliens,” Kane explains. “My collection is the answer to the question of how such an invasion would affect the dress code of men and women, music, architecture… What would such a city look like? How would its inhabitants dress?”

  •  © Selly Raby Kane

    Selly Raby Kane. Alien Cartoon. autumn/winter 2013/2014 collection. Fashion show invitation
  • Vest, skirt, shoes. Courtesy of Selly Raby Kane. Model Feuza Diouf; Photo by Skillzography Kandji

    Selly Raby Kane. Alien Cartoon. autumn/winter 2013/2014 collection