Featured workPorky Hefer: Humanest

Designer and activist Porky Hefer has built oversized bird’s nests since 2009. Inspired by the weaver’s art of nest building and in collaboration with regional basket makers, his works range from simple one-man shelters to elaborately fashioned tree houses.

Hefer’s Humanest echoes a nest fallen from a tree which, flattened by the landing, has morphed into a comfortable seat. This freely hanging hammock is created with Kooboo basketwork, making use of a material characterized by its delicate natural colours, high stability and durability. Hefer is inspired by his African surroundings, using locally available materials, skills and work processes. Sustainable design and manufacture mean much more to him than just an efficient use of materials. With nature in mind, Hefer commits to a holistic view of man in his environment. “Animals do not exaggerate when they do whatever they do,” he points out. “We, however, often get involved in business too quickly, only to find out later on how dangerous it is. We are blinded by the building industry that tells us what materials we should use. Instead, we should ask ourselves what is good for us and the whole universe – but our egos always get in the way.”

  • Hammock, 130 × 170 × 180 cm. Kooboo basketwork, steel, hemp rope © Porky Hefer

    Porky Hefer. Humanest, 2014