Featured workPledge 51: ChopUp Table Soccer

A mobile game developed specifically for media mobile company Pledge51’s social gaming platform ChopUp, Table Soccer is a game that brings to life the childhood memories of Nigerians all over the country.

Table Soccer aims to bring back the popular table soccer game played by primary school kids, where crown corks – called “counters” in Nigeria – and a button come together to emulate a soccer field and game. Table Soccer brings the same elements to any mobile device, using counters as players and the button as the ball. Playing on nostalgia, the game has become wildly popular, leading to real-life interactions and the organization of public tournaments. Its development for the ChopUp platform, a social gaming platform that allows mobile game players to interact based on in-game achievements, allows the game to reach a wider audience, as ChopUp caters specifically to Africa’s mobile market, where basic devices still largely outnumber smartphones.


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    ChopUp Table Soccer, 2014.