Featured workPeterson Kamwathi: Untitled for FILMS4PEACE

This animated movie was created for the annual short film project launched by footwear company Puma, FILMS4PEACE, which invites selected artists to illustrate the concept of peace.

Kamwathi’s contribution shows fleeting figures in a metropolis – some of them isolated and reading the paper, others standing together in a group as if they were waiting for a bus. Driven by the rhythm of the city, some of them wait patiently on the spot, while others are swept away by the chaotic flow of daily life. Kamwathi focuses on the anatomy and psychology of queues in modern societies: they help to sort out chaotic circumstances while also symbolizing social, political, economic and cultural change. In search of generally accepted symbols of peace, Kamwathi chose the universal phenomenon of the queue, reaching the conclusion that every definition of peace is relative. Depending on the point of view of an individual or a group, the dual character of the concept becomes tangible in daily negotiations between the individual and the community.


  • Film, 2 min 5 sec. Courtesy of Shooting People [films4peace.com] © Peterson Kamwathi

    Peterson Kamwathi. Untitled. Short film for FILMS4PEACE, 2012