Featured workMarcus Neustetter: Study of the Vertical Gaze IV

Artist Marcus Neustetter’s Study of the Vertical Gaze is the result of an observation and – in a philosophical sense – an extrapolation of the work of archaeologists and astronomers.

Both scientific disciplines look back on the past and collect historical data: objects buried deep in the ground inform us about our history and open up perspectives for the future, just as analyses of light from the depths of outer space contribute to a better understanding of time and space. Sightlines towards the sky or down to earth lie on the same vertical axis, the socalled “vertical gaze”. Neustetter’s Study of the Vertical Gaze IV is the material expression of this mind game. The transparent glass tabletop is covered with a complex pattern of interlaced lines and threads – possibly hinting to the enigmatic structure of our universe, and likely also a visual illustration of dark matter or the string theory. As the viewer’s gaze hits the glass, a stack of wooden rings becomes apparent, the shape of which brings to mind the cosmic Ring Nebula or a tunnel entrance into the depths of the Earth. The table’s components are interspersed with wooden slats arranged at straight angles, echoing the systematic classification of a scientific chart.


  • Study of the Vertical Gaze IV. Pine wood, sandblasted glass, rolls, 47 × 110 × 110 cm © Marcus Neustetter

    Marcus Neustetter. The Vertical Gaze, 2011–ongoing