Featured workMaliyo Games: Mosquito Smasher

It’s an addictive pastime that any Nigerian can relate to – swatting and killing the buzzing mosquitoes that disturb your sleep, or worse, spread malaria and other diseases.

The Lagos-based entrepreneurs at Maliyo Games translated this bloody sport into a web browser game that has proven so successful it has earned comparison with the viral app Angry Birds. The interface of the Mosquito Smasher game, now in its fourth edition, is simple. The player is represented by a thumb, and the buzzing insects fly across the background of a mosquito net. Smashing one of them brings a satisfying pause in the relentless buzz, as well as a splat of blood. Occasionally, a female mosquito – easily recognizable by her blood-engorged body – will flit by, and killing one of these earns a bigger splat and even more points. It’s a repetitive, numbing activity but for that last detail, for it is female anopheles mosquito that spreads malaria. Unlike Angry Birds, this mindless game has a little survival lesson in it.

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    Maliyo Games. Mosquito Smasher.