Featured workMalibongwe Tyilo: Skattie, what are you wearing?

Skattie, what are you wearing? is the name of South Africa’s most influential fashion, lifestyle and events blog, run by Malibongwe Tyilo.

The term “skattie” is short for skatebol, an Afrikaans term of endearment, meaning “treasure.” Thus, the blog’s name could be translated as “Darling, what are you wearing?”. Tyilo uses photographs and small texts to provide an insight into South Africa’s fashion scene, reporting on all major events and commenting on the style of those who attend. While the blog does not reproduce the pictorial language of glossy magazines, Tyilo tries, in a very unique way, to capture the style of a person in images, showing their personality, body language and surroundings in harmony with each other. Although the focus of the blog lies primarily on South African style, its wide variety and unique stories, Tyilo also wants to address the image of the African continent as a whole, countering the usual triad of poverty, disasters and safaris. The initial motivation and idea behind Skattie, what are you wearing? was Tyilo’s desire to document his world and the people around him. “Sometimes I think the blog is a love letter to them,” he says.

  • Blog © Malibongwe Tyilo. Photo by Malibongwe Tyilo, background illustration by Zander Blom

    Malibongwe Tyilo. Skattie, what are you wearing?, 2010–ongoing.