Featured workLeti Arts: Africa’s Legends: The True Ananse

“Play as Ananse and complete his quests in capturing the four most powerful forces on Earth to attain the throne as God of Wisdom and Storytelling.” This is the premise behind Ananse: The Origin, a platform game by interactive media company Leti Arts.

The game is complemented by a comic series, The True Ananse, and together they form a multi-layered digital storytelling experience – a digital comic and mobile game series – inspired by the African folklore character Kweku Ananse, a spirit of trickery and cunning originally from Ghana. In the game and comic, Leti Arts reimagines Ananse as a superhero in modern times. The True Ananse is part of the bigger Leti Arts Africa’s Legends series, which reimagines popular African folklore and historic figures as an elite group of superheroes fighting in present day Africa, accompanied by a set of fictional characters. The comics and games based on this group of characters tell the stories behind the team and its members.



  • Digital comic and mobile game series © Leti Arts

    Leti Arts. Africa’s Legends: The True Ananse, 2013–ongoing