Featured workKaro Akpokiere: BucketFeet Tokeria

The American footwear label BucketFeet regularly commissions hand-picked artists from around the world to create custom footwear designs. Their main aim is to produce “wearable art”, while also serving as a platform that connects people and showcases the work of emerging artists.

In 2013, Karo Akpokiere was selected as the first African designer to join the BucketFeet Global Artist Collective. His Tokeria slip-on shoes feature distinctive black and white patterned uppers, defined by sharp lines and a combination of striking geometric shapes that merge African patterns and the aesthetics of Japanese woodcuts. As an artist, Akpokiere is deeply interested in how his drawings can be applied to different media to become more visible and accessible. The internet is an essential part of how the artist fosters new connections, developing and exchanging ideas and engaging in collaborations with those beyond his physical surroundings. His work has been featured in the 2011 calendar of the famous Japanese online publication Shift, and has been exhibited extensively in national and international contexts.


  •  Shoes, upper: screen-printed canvas, lining: 100% cotton, removable insole: molded latex, outsole: vulcanized rubber © Karo Akpokiere, Photo by Karo Akpokiere

    Karo Akpokiere. BucketFeet Tokeria, 2013.