Featured workJustin Plunkett – Con/Struct

Justin Plunkett’s Con/Struct series blurs the borders between imagination and reality. Using digital photomontage techniques, Plunkett creates high-rise urban structures and surreal urban landscapes from a great number of single pictures – architectural fragments of South African cities.

The Skhayascraper collage shows a high-rise building consisting of a wild array of timber huts and shanties pieced together: a vertical slum that, despite its unstable structure and chaotic composition, withstands gravity and appears surprisingly real through perfect digital post-processing. It is a piled-up dream – its aspirational shape pointing towards a shining future, which however is built upon enticement and unfulfilled salvation messages of global business dreams. In Skhayascraper, imagined temptations of business success hit the reality of urban decay. Plunkett demonstrates how desires and values induced by advertisement and marketing campaigns can both motivate and corrupt us.


  • Digital print on paper, 84.1 × 59.4 cm. Edition of 20. Courtesy of The Cabinet, Cape Town © Justin Plunkett

    Justin Plunkett. Con/Struct, 2013. Skhayascraper