Featured workJody Brand: Chomma

The blog of photographer Jody Brand opens a window into contemporary South African youth culture. The website presents a collection of everyday scenes that speak of a life dedicated to the here and now, not concerned with or connected to the problems of the past and present.

Photographing mainly her friends, Brand captures them impetuously, in several relaxed atmospheres; at times, the blog also includes individual portraits and staged photographs. She often captures a darker side of the new South Africa. Inspired by her childhood and her parents’ work with NGOs, which allowed her to come into contact with diverse social problems of the country, Brand also looks to the streets seeking images that tell a story. Her mission, which has only just begun, is to show all shades of the South African diversity.


  • Photo blog © Jody Brand. Photo by Jody Brand, model Ntokoza Mhlangu

    Jody Brand. Chomma, 2012–ongoing. Lolly.