Featured workJewel by Lisa with Karo Akpokiere: Coat. autumn/winter 2011/2012 collection

Since the foundation of the fashion label Jewel by Lisa in 2005, Nigerian designer Lisa Folawiyo expertly crafts a local West African fabric, ankara, into modern ensembles that combine striking patterns with intricate beading and textures.

Each of the brand’s pieces are hand embroidered by expert beading craftsmen for an average of 240 hours, creating precious items. For the autumn/winter 2011/2012 collection, Folawiyo worked with designer Karo Akpokiere in the development of specific patterns that would add a sophisticated flair to the feminine silhouettes. Seeking to reflect the brand’s continued search for individuality in both a national and international context, Akpokiere used his signature graphic style, which draws heavily from the strong graphic contrasts of comics, graffiti and Japanese pop culture, to develop a custom pattern inspired by the world of biology and living cells. “The pattern is inspired by the rhythmic, free-living nature of the amoeba,” Akpokiere states. “It represents the beauty that can spring out of formlessness and a ceaseless desire for motion.”


  • Ankara fabric, embroidered. Courtesy of Jewel by Lisa, model Jessica M’Bengue, photo by Aram Bedrossian

    Jewel by Lisa with Karo Akpokiere. Coat. autumn/winter 2011/2012 collection.