Featured workHassan Hajjaj: L.V. Posses

Hassan Hajjaj’s L.V. Posses photograph series plays with the convergence of two worlds, which initially seem to be entirely opposed to each other: that of western luxury and traditional Islam.

In the images, luxury is represented by Parisian fashion label Louis Vuitton. Few products have been copied more than those of Louis Vuitton, which carry an instantly recognizable brand seen in streets, office towers and shopping centres all over the world. A group of young women in headscarves pose for the picture, representing, at least from a western perspective, traditional Islam. Their faces are partially covered by Louis Vuitton scarves, in a combination that strengthens the women’s concealment, while creating an additional formal association: don’t gangsters, bank robbers and other villains look like this? Hajjaj does not provide any clear interpretation. Ultimately, the meaning of these images, with associations shaped by opposites, only manifests itself in the minds of western viewers.

  • Lambda C-print on dibond with subframe, 100.3 × 135.9 cm. Edition of 5 © Hassan Hajjaj/Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York

    Hassan Hajjaj. L.V. Posses, 2010