Featured workFrances Bodomo:

The race to the moon was not just a fierce competition between the United States and the Soviet Union — the newly independent country of Zambia also dreamed up an ambitious space program, initiated by a teacher who applied for UNESCO funding for a private project.

Funding for the project never came through, and the Zambian program did not progress beyond the initial idea and some training with a 17-year-old prospective female space traveller. This peculiar story inspired young filmmaker Frances Bodomo. Particularly interested in the unwavering optimism behind this small, utopian endeavour, Bodomo believes Zambia’s space program to be a strong example for other global outsiders who have no chance to make a mark in world affairs. In her short film Afronauts, the sincerity and strength that is needed to push such a utopian project forward is depicted in striking images. Bodomo wants the film to inspire all those with similarly ambitious, far-fetched pursuits.

  • Film, 13 min © Frances Bodomo 2014. Photo by Joshua James Richard

    Frances Bodomo. Afronauts, 2014