Featured workCheick Diallo: Sansa

With the Sansa armchair, Malian designer Cheick Diallo aims to render visible the process behind the production of a simple, robust and modern steel seat.

Diallo decided from the start to produce most of the chair in his home continent, and the process behind the making of Sansa reveals the consequences of this compromise. The designer faced many constraints, acquiring and processing the required materials with great effort, and developing business skills that enabled him to make the armchair a reality. Sansa’s main component is a wire traditionally used in the fishing industry. Diallo is not the first to use this material in innovative ways, and he admits to being inspired by a long tradition of reappropriation of the wire for simple objects. Diallo worked with craftspeople, weaving and knotting nylon thread in the multi-coloured wire, creating a striking chair where a light presence is combined with stability and contemporary flair.


  • Metal, nylon, cord. 80 × 80 × 90 cm. Courtesy of Pascale Revert, London

    Cheick Diallo. Sansa, 2010