Featured workAnton Kannemeyer: Super Rich Man

In Super Rich Man, Anton Kannemeyer mockingly portrays the rich white man acting as a benefactor. The image represents a form of racism that does not stem from South Africa’s classical canon, but rather from: the international system of development aid industry.

Kannemeyer shows that the wealthy white European or North American does not primarily intend to help, but rather to perceive and stage himself as a helper. The image accentuates the paradoxical notion that nothing has changed in the inequality of the relationship between the African – humbly expressing his gratitude – and the European – who has forfeited none of his power despite losing his moneybag.

  • Anton Kannemeyer. Super Rich Man, 2011. Lithograph, 50.5 × 50.5 cm © Anton Kannemeyer and Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg  

    Super Rich Man, 2011