Featured projectNosarieme Garrick: My Africa Is

My Africa Is is a film documentary series portraying the changes and innovations created and told by young Africans across the continent. Nosarieme Garrick’s intention behind the series is to add diversity and more positive perspectives into the already established, broad and homogenous discourse about Africa. The filmmaker intends to give viewers a different idea of an African experience. This does not include hiding or ignoring real issues, but to find ways to share other impressions of Africa, closer to reality: How does its population overcome their everyday challenges? How do they inspire and change their own communities? Most of all, the series depicts Africans as creative people instead of helpless individuals.

The series follows young change-makers in 13 cities across sub-Saharan Africa, including Yoff and Dakar in Senegal; Monrovia, Liberia; Freetown, Sierra Leone; Bubusua and Accra in Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Luanda, Angola; Johannesburg, South Africa; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Nairobi, Kenya and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The stories uncovered are real, with subjects that challenge old notions and established ideas about the African continent. Each episode is shot in a different location, presenting the singularity of each city and celebrating Africa’s diversity. My Africa Is also engages an online audience with multimedia content available on a dedicated website and various social media platforms, including recorded Skype interviews, short webisodes and collected news content.

  • Nosarieme Garrick. My Africa Is, 2012–ongoing. Online documentary series, circa 6 min each. Courtesy of My Africa Is. Artwork by Sindiso Nyoni, Photo by Ahamefula Ibemele

    My Africa Is, 2012–ongoing