Featured workAnton Kannemeyer: Greetings from South Africa

Greetings from South Africa is one of Anton Kannemeyer’s many works focusing on the satirical appropriation of a seminal figure in comic history – Hergé’s hero, Tintin.

Kannemeyer’s protagonist is a bald-headed Tintin who – just as in the famous Tintin in the Congo – must flee from wild Africans. The chase is ironically and brutally interrupted by the protagonist’s exclamation – “Greetings from South Africa” – to the viewer. In this scene, Kannemeyer alludes to the idea of a brutal  Africa that still exists in the collective memory of western societies today, in which wealthy whites with high fences and broad bumpers are forced to protect themselves from the ever-violent black slum dwellers.

  • Anton Kannemeyer. Greetings from South Africa, 2014. Lithograph, 50 × 38 cm © Anton Kannemeyer and Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg

    Greetings from South Africa, 2014