Featured Project Space Caviar: FOMO

FOMO originally is a print magazine generated with a custom made software that gathers social media interactions based on metadata filters by a specific hashtag and/or location. The collected data is arranged in a print-ready PDF according to a predefined design template, then printed and installed on the spot. The project changes and adapts to different locations and events. For Making Africa, FOMO takes on the shape of a large-scale wall installation in form of a printed sheet of paper changed recurrently that makes visible the social media interactions taking place on Twitter all over Africa, contradicting stereotypes about a continent that is mostly unaware of the digital realm.

FOMO is an attempt to produce a physical record of the ephemeral personal interactions and electronic debris generated by events, while playing on the lurking “fear of missing out” (an inevitable by-product of the experience economy). The platform filters and makes accessible as a physical record the electronic dust-cloud around the ephemeral nature of the everyday. The daily shape of the installation is informed by variables such as background noise, number of people present, and intensity of social media activity, creating both moments of density and voids of activity.

  • Space Caviar. FOMO, 2014–ongoing. Site-specific mixed media installation © Space Caviar

    FOMO, 2014–ongoing