Featured Work Cyrus Kabiru: C-Stunners

Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru’s C-Stunners series of wearable eyewear sculptures blurs the boundaries between art, performance, fashion and design. The internationally acclaimed series extends to several media, ranging from sculptures to paintings and photographs that tell singular stories united by a shared message and meaning.

Each sculpture is created using items found in the artist’s surroundings – discarded objects such as screws, wire, spoons or crown corks, which Kabiru then assembles anew. Giving these objects a second chance, Kabiru harnesses the transformative power of transformation and reuse, advocating trash as a material in itself that can form the basis for creative work. At an abstract level, his eyewear sculptures speak of a different kind of transformation. The use of a pair of C-Stunners allows a new perspective on reality, reminding us how much a pair of glasses can narrow or focus one’s vision, and thus determine one’s view of the world. The C-Stunners series draws attention to the restrictive perspective from which Africa is usually looked at, tainted by prejudices that are far more difficult to put aside than a pair of glasses.

  • Variable dimensions © Carl
    de Souza/AFP/Getty Images

    Cyrus Kabiru. C-Stunners, 2012. American Grill. Photograph
  • Photograph, variable dimensions © Cyrus
    Kabiru, Photo by Miguel Luciano

    Cyrus Kabiru. C-Stunners, 2012. Caribbean Sun.