Featured Work Jim Chuchu: All Oppression is Connected

All Oppression is Connected is a wall painting by Kenyan artist Jim Chuchu, where the associated slogans, sayings and statements around the title of the work are not to be seen as a definitive list of all aspects of oppression.

The collection of words and small texts, which may at first appear to be random, conveys the endless, interlocking nature of oppressive ideas and actions, which people fall victim to in all parts of the world. Chuchu was inspired by the poetry of Jamaican artist and activist Staceyann Chin. In their work, both focus on the fight for the recognition of the rights of minorities, particularly sexual minorities. Chuchu’s markedly political support for these rights puts him in danger, given the conservative attitude of African societies towards sexual minorities.

  • digital print, 140 × 140 cm © Jim
    Chuchu, 2013

    Jim Chuchu, All Oppression is Connected, 2013, Poster